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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

headache ouch

but wired and fried, too. so much craziness......I had a particularly tumultous time yesterday. I apologize with my whole heart for causing inconvenience and distress to those I did. I could say someone else fell through with what they promised but fuck it, today's a new day. 

I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was seeing myself outside myself......my soul had left my body for a "new" one. The "old" me was not just dead but murdered......lying on the floor with blood coming out of my head. I had been on the beach, the highway......a storm.....people scattering then gone. I dream constantly of the beach and water. Then.....I was talking to someone on the phone saying I'm in my new self but what about the old one it's a corpse on the floor what do I do? It was an actress from a crime show or......confused on this......saying .....well some other time maybe I'll say who he was ......will show up at 7:45 to 8:30 am tomorrow to help you clean it. Would have between 5:30 and 5:45.......I have to say that shook me to the core. I had seen a youtube clip about Britney Spears doing a video called "Mona Lisa" about leaving her old self for her new. 
I am reading posts from a facebook page sympathetic to Jodi Arias. Please people read the alternative Web site on Ms. Arias and learn the truth on this case: I have to say something: I have no hatred for Travis Alexander I never knew him be it that he was probably ; he had a lot of problems it's hard to know if his dick-ishness came out of trauma and all the shit he went through as a kid or if he was just a dick period......that one's hard to figure out. He didn't do right, to put it mildly, by Jodi or any of his other girlfriends and, yes, I've known a few guys like him. Believe me I know very well their games, their charm and manipulation. That doesn't mean I think he deserved to be killed the way he was. Nevertheless......I wasn't there and I don't know these people. All I can say is from what I've heard Jodi say, from what others have written on things like witch trials, the psychology of false confessions.....ect.....the fact that Jodi said for two years that she did not kill Travis.....that she has no history of hurting people, there's too much glaring evidence to the contrary or that is extremely questionable, the illegality and corruption of her trial, witness tampering and the "disappearance" of people who give testimony contrary to the guilty verdict......it goes on and on man. www.jodiariasisinnocent.com 


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