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Friday, April 03, 2015

B you sexy man

boy did you screw up. consider it a miracle I'm willing to move past it. Oh God. I just ......oh God. The freakiest images. Lest there's any confusion I'm talking about Brett. 
What have you done with Aeysha? 
Chicago 1991 if you weren't there......I was. I was a kid. I was desperate to leave. I love my father, of course, and my friends. Irony is they along with me all migrated.....is that the right word? to NYC. OTP. Off the plane. 


 It's Good Friday the day to remember Jesus' crucifixion. Originally a pagan holiday amazing around the world it focuses on the same theme: descension then ascension basically. Persephone's abduction (ugh brings back unpleasant memories.....that disgusting Ted apologies to his mom and sister they are nice people, his friends too. Hence why I did not write even worse things about him. Or disclose more. At the end of the day I can't do that to people. But still. )
What better theme music the Utah Saints.....One is not supposed to smile or laugh or have fun on this day if religious.....I'm not quite that but I have seen weird things on this dark day......full of otherworldly images both on the computer and walking around at 2am in Brooklyn shadows and unexplained movement. I dreamt about  the apt ..... We were in the basement, where no one ever goes.....or rarely does one.....and there was a beautiful wooden door.....I said it was pretty like the one in Cinderella.....but.....there was something else to it. SOmething dark and hidden the symbolism isn't that subtle I guess. Except all the people who were mean to me bloodying their own feet and their eyes pecked out by doves. Oh that's not nice. ( 

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