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Monday, April 13, 2015

trains and clothes

"Don't need no fortune teller/to know where my lucky love belongs" Song Joyride by Roxette 

Thank you.......)
  This cake looks like.....some years ago I wedding I was at, or in rather......um......beautiful until a girl walked through a glass door and was bleeding all over the floor. She was saved, literally, by one of the guests who happened to be nurse who applied a makeshift tourniquet til the ambulance arrived. Glass house! For a wedding reception! The procession prior to, which I was part of, was very poignant and moving, ceremonial and religious. This was a relatively old Episcopal church in Evanston made of white stones, near where we used to live. That wasn't my first wedding that one before I was.....maybe seven, not sure. I think it was in Ohio. A friend, a boy a couple years older than me, was I think trying to drink the vodka. Maybe that's what spurred me some years later to where I am......B. Brighton Beach......


was du heu·te kannst be·sor·gen, das ver·schie·be nicht auf mor·gen

stitch in time saves nine

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