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Saturday, April 11, 2015

in Paris

I haven't written much about places I traveled as I had handwritten a lot of stuff but realize I never published it. Here's a summary of what happened when I was in Paris as I used to take a lot of weekend   trips ……back to London, Berlin, Hamburg…..hm. Well anyway this is some of what I experienced.

Last time I went I ended up at midnight at my hotel which was shuttered, leaving me …..at night somewhere on the main road…..to find a place to stay in a huge hurry. The cab driver eventually took me to a place where I told the man there, I believe he was African, not sure, in jagged French my situation. Turned out he spoke English but was impressed with my French…..so I ended up in what was I suppose a hostel but fortunately had the room to myself. It was like four bunk beds…..in the hallway was a candy machine with a broken window and outside…..a huge gang of guys as a female walking into this I don't know if it would have been worse if I was male, or not as bad…..but I was grabbed walking in. They were extremely aggressive rarely does it go this far where I'm from. I got into the hotel and there was nothing to do once I was in. Fell asleep to wake up the next morning walking--Oh not without another of these men pouncing on me as I made my way out of the hotel. Or hostel…..?somehow made my way over to where the Left Bank is and there found a little hotel, off the main register, I guess. Very cute this one. There was more to this but…... Some other time for that…..I love Paris really one of my main favorite cities along with NYC and ……well ok there really is something to be said for every place. Really there is.
It's hard for me to say such a place is my favorite because it doesn't mean that others…….well…..?

Maybe something in me would … ..that first place was near Sacre Cour. I love it over there really gorgeous, near Montmartre. Oh, yes…..taking a cab through the city the first night there was a little bar lit up with yellow light really like in the paintings, and a woman in there with flaming red hair probably a hooker.  I mean it's crazy how things don't change …...

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