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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sore and .......cut up. My finger from a broken candle glass

My left ear is infected and I have.a laceration on my left middle finger. It's horrifically cold out but I am grateful for heat  that I got through my dance exercises I have friends and family my books and movies so yes.....I just watched Requiem for a Dream fucking awesome film but kinda like a long bad trip.....I read about the author Hubert Selby Jr. He himself had been an addict for decades and like Jesus spent his time with society's outcasts.....eeh I know that. God I think I've spent time with all walks of life. Still I am drawn to people who are "fallen" in some way or at least.....well, fucked up. Post punk third wave feminism .....I've been reading a lot of wikipedia. If I fit into any slot.....I mean I grew up in the Village, NYC and Chicago. My family is Midwestern but worldly and well-traveled. I am hyper emotional and high strung and a private and public person both at the.end of the day I can't suppress anything.....yeah so high drama. I would not say I'm sex positive sex for me is all about mind fuck power domination maybe oh well it's the way of the species. This going through  my mind after watching this bizarre and sick movie but I do love Darren Aronofsky's direction.....Hubert Selby said the message is anti American Dream more than the drugs it's I suppose shallowness and lack of substance that led to these people's disintegration. Ellen Burnstyn is brilliant.....and Jared Leto all the actors knockout performances  of course her character like a female Lear. I don't particularly want to see fifty shades I have lived it.....this topic all so decrepit.  So so speaking of.....

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