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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Betty Friedan.....

Satan means "accuser" in Hebrew or "prosecuter." In French the defendant is called "l'accuse" the accused. Betty Friedan had a liberal or radical past and is the bane of right wing women and men to hear them talk about her she is the worst thing that ever happened in America.....I just read one strident article talking about her "communist" associations very much in the tone of witch hunts.....these people will dig up your dirt and every thing you've ever done in your life, albeit often illegally, wherever you jerked off......and throw that out there in a slanderous way to make you about to be a terrible person, a dangerous person. I mean these divisions on the left Democrat radical liberal moderate don't exist in their minds if you're to the left of Bill Clinton you are a communist nigger-loving (they don't say this) Yankee terrorist yeah huh..... reading this I also saw that this is how they view people like me.

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