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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Betty Friedan, "Third Wave"

Again I am summarizing but woke up this am early with this on my mind.....political ideological differences lead to war so that the enemy becomes internal.....things get overlapped and mixed up. I saw quite a lot of this ugliness and being naturally sensitive was very shaken up by it. There is something called "war water" maybe someone threw that at us. Younger generations or "third wave" feminists oh... ..vs second wave.....and I read some very disturbing and bizarre stuff from a transgender "womyn" on this.....the older women from the second wave seen as prudent, white-gloved anti-sex and stick in the muds or something and the younger, pro-sex work pro-porno (some say it's empowering I mean well.....it's a harrowing path to walk). I .....oh God. I can speak as an insider .....it's very grueling, exhausting work. I don't know if I personally would call it empowering......this is for another discussion. I am not anti-sex but I do have an active dislike of much of the shit out there I don't think it should be banned but it is an expression of an ugly streak. Sexual repression.....but NOW had a lot of double standards that fucked us all over. Not supporting (enough) prostitutes or acknowledging health care, quite frankly. Plus things they did that were rather devious such as putting their name on stuff that was not their own.....The "pornography" debate and the fact that porn actresses were kind of left out. Later on they spoke.....that they were unfairly viewed as victims and they considered themselves feminists. I can say now some of what I performed (I didn't write it) makes me squeamish now it felt kind of silly.....and that I am putting myself out there talking about this. That there is .....truthfully women in the sex industry are ghettoized by men and women alike and a lot of the stuff I have seen some of them do I would not do personally not even for money not even when I was desperate for cash.....I have my own internal conflict with this. I don't like.....I don't idealize them but there needs to be an honest acknowledgement of this and .....by talking about these women as either victims or damaged, lost souls is very insulting for one thing and by nor siding with them leaves so many out in the cold and leaves an unrealistic view of the world and ironically makes  them all the more vulnerable to being victimized.
By that I mean.....being shunned on either side being sidelined.....they are unprotected. In a bad situation who is there to turn to?  Go to the police if you're lucky you will get someone sympathetic but don't count on it. It's been said repeatedly for a reason the abuse, physical and sexual, by the police is a rampant problem I mean even if there are "good cops" it's unfortunately not enough. The stories are legion.  Whatever other services are out there.....they.....are approached condescendingly no matter so many social workers mean well.....as people who are deviant, ill- adjusted....."nuts and sluts" .....slut-shamed? Who would willingly put themself through that? Like, ok, you really fucked up so off you go to be with others like you.....you're dirty somehow. Or lazy. But no.....you/they are not. Back in the days girls who got knocked up or in a bad situation were sent to convents its been written about, films like the Magdelene Sisters showed what happened.....no this does.....things happen for any number of reasons. I can't say I fully understand what put me in which place because I .....but they not knowing either aren't in a position to say .....

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