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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Must have been

What I wrote I spent new years running on the beach my feet nearly froze. Things like toes you take for granted I nearly lost mine kept wiggling them to keep the blood going. Growing up in Chicago we learned to stave off frost bite but still I was in such pain my lungs burning trying to breathe in thru my nose all the stress.....when I got back to my room I was huffing and puffing and shaking for a good hour at least. I pulled off my sweaty bra and lay there shivering so grateful for warmth and shelter.....and before I knew it I was asleep for the .....I slept nonstop but the dreams I had were overwhelming.....I was smoking weed with Nathan from my teen years.....the room turned black and I passed out couldn't see then I woke up.....then I was in jail.....I actually was let out by a guard into the courtyard but  I was.....I escaped but thought what if they catch me.....I went back (stupid) was ip and down stairs saying I don't know where my cell is asking cos I saw people naked put into cages cut up in tiny cages bleeding found my cell which floor then woke.....all this to do with j I have so many nightmares he must have instigated.

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