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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday's Child

The child born on Sabbath Day.....how did it go? Really I was born under mixed stars. Nothing is inevitable. Nor have I ever said it is. This believe it or not in the Enquirer Higgs Boson and parallel universes somewhere out there your life everyone's is being lived again and again. Margaret Atwood wrote snip off a strand of history and it all comes unravelled. You can go back in time and the times when your instinct was telling you to walk or run but you stayed how many times I thought if only I'd just walked away. Irony of ironies it was Ted who brought us together. Or remove one block from the base of a pyramid the whole thing......everything that ever happened to anyone is still happening who knows how often a very hopeful sign. You could bring back the dead or those so many cheated out of life maybe their spirits are hitting me on the head relentlessly not to forget them never to forget them. Who can answer the question why they were not given a.chance to live but who knows I'm not a scientist though physics fascinated me. Or would the planet just become.overcrowded?
J'ai vu ton mec avec une autre fille/il semblais dans un autre monde Blondie Sunday Girl. I too would stand in the dressing room and.move the mirrors so I saw myself infinite times over but.....and? It was me but it wasn't. One of my nightmares.....many of them involve wooden houses and mirrors. I am brushing my hair and look in the mirror but don't see myself I see a girl with her back to me, hair different from mine, also brushing her hair. I was given a mirror by a neighbor and dreamt I looked in in and saw a person who wasn't there.....that mirror chipped who knows could have been a spirit trapped in there who upon it breaking got let out. Like in Superman II the.villains escape their two dimensional prison when the glass breaks and make a huge mess out of everything. There is a superstition that says cover all the mirrors when someone dies or their soul will be trapped. Something like that. If nothing else my peace of mind was disrupted.....

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