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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Radio days used to watch this constantly in chicago

Woody Allen's Radio Days Clip II: http://youtu.be/xioICtn1a4I. 
Living with Dad things.come.together so bizarrely I was blind or nearsighted but now I see.....yeah no joke I stared death in the face like the opening of the   Joyce Carol Oates novel "There came death hurtling along the Boulevard in waning sepia light"..... When I was a teenager I read a few of her books (Wonderland, Childwold) she seems to understand of course having once been one the souls of young women but men too. Like a person's unconscious. But yes I watched this film Radio Days.by Woody Allen CONSTANTLY in Chicago the video store across the street. Great city but I missed B some other time for for that oh god yes and my friends then before I knew it we were at war.....terrified when the first casualty list turned up in the papers B would be on but he wasn't my friends and I.laughed about it but you know for so many 18 year olds that fear gave way to the real thing. Life is so unfair. It's difficult to feel that relieved when you know so many suffered so horribly losing their.sweethearts/crushes at age 18 how do you stand the grief but you do somehow. But why were we spared.and not them? Who the fuck knows but anyway.....oh there is more. It was a spirit of some kind. It was something. I don't know who or what matter changes never stops moving particles move through us past us always you know when you sense something KNOW something just haven't put it together but it was something why me why me why me.......

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