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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Maybe it

I know people who smoke weed but that was never my thing. Mainly because I am like that naturally and have been trying to get unlike that my whole life. People thought I was high when I was sober. Weed when I did smoke it once in a blue moon just made me feel cold tired and like I had to pee. This one time in Central park in high school this girl gave me some and the world turned upside down......I went to find a bathroom and walked past a construction site......I stepped, not looking where I was going, into a square of wet cement and walked right through til I found it. These construction guys were I think jeering me on. "Whoooaa, lady....." .....I have a terrible time with direction I remember Jodi Arias saying during her interrogation with detective Flores she has a horrible sense of direction and is a slave to GPS. She is also left-handed as was the lovely late Ms. Baker-Monroe. We all must be soul twins. This other time......holy sheesh I was at a guy's house.....this around the time I was......I must have been injected with Rosecrucianism I think I was.....I saw little gumdrop houses in such vivid colors as I'd never seen before......this was Candy land.....yeah believe it or not this is a little kid's game "One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small....." but then again this was the seventies.....but maybe it was a flashback to that. "What the hell is this?" I asked my guy friend. This was no ordinary grass, but he told me it was. I was literally, if just in my mind like the movie Contact.....this was.....I'm thinking of highs boson and parallel universal, or Narnia (another metaphoric kids book I'd read).....

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