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Saturday, April 06, 2013

will never understand.....apologies

disclaimer: I know many pit bulls are nice dogs and of course they should be adopted out. There are many good people doing good deeds by taking the dogs into a loving home and properly training and caring for them. Of them I am not writing. But it makes me so mad......why do people adopt pit bulls (and then not responsibly train and control them)? ....it's not the dogs it's the owners. Eventually a little kid or another dog gets attacked. It's so awful I have had to pull dogs apart. Walking up the block with my laundry there was an incident....don't know the details nor do I want to. There are children cats dogs raccoons.....cats fight but they can manage themselves most of the time. It's horrible to be a witness to this and have no control. People have a responsibility to control their children and pets. A kid was running into people on purpose with a motorcycle........a teenage boy this was yesterday. But what can I do you know?

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