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Friday, April 05, 2013

Morning after plan b

what I have to say on this subject; although control over reproduction is far from the all encompassing solution to womens lives, it is of paramount importance, especially because the US is the only country in the world with a handful exceptions with no national child care or maternity leave. That is inexcusable. Also the truth about Plan B, in that I mean morning after pill, is that one can get it over the counter almost anywhere in the world without ID or a prescription except in the US.....BUT I am lucky to live in NEW YORK CITY where, as someone who has taken this pill three times, one can walk into a clinic and get it for nothing or get it at Rite Aid or Duane Reade for $40.......the catch is that I had to show ID even though I am over 16 when I went to Rite Aid and order it from the pharmacy. That is pretty humiliating. Or going to the doctor saying you need it. All this when it has been proven safe.

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