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Sunday, April 07, 2013

slain diplomat


so sorry only 25. Also from the Chicago suburbs......never heard of River Forest is this Lake Forest? I got word Justin's ex is at it again. She is truly a terrible human being hurting those who did nothing to her out of jealousy and her crazy obsession with a man who, believe me I can tell you, has long forgotten her and probably is feeding a few birds on the way to meet her. Between attacks I have gotten from her and this woman who moved in......people who hurt those innocent are not human beings. Its pretty horrifying. But go after someone unprovoked you have no business going after.....because why? Because this person exists and breathes and you are jealous of the space thy take up........you are a resentful taker and vacuous and have nothing to give......I warned Justin this woman would be his downfall it's not like he wasn't warned. I am privy to the inside scoop and I know what I am talking about. What kind of a person does that? Someone who cannot........ That does not make for a sympathetic scenario.

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