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Sunday, April 28, 2013

phone broken but back.......

for the first time in probably eight or nine months...since before Sandy.....I ran on the bike path by the west river in Manhattan. This on a Sunday after a pretty tumultuous weekend. My phone was broken when a friend....I suppose having good intentions.....tried to fix the headphone jack but then the whole thing the screen stopped working. Have to replace tomorrow. At least I have my roommate's phone and will probably stay with a friend until I can get it working again. It's not so bad....kind of peaceful without the text messages going off constantly. I stopped at Barnes and Nobles.....I love to read and please people keep buying books! Literacy is a beautiful thing....and there's such a wealth of information in the pages. For now I have the New York Times. I read this article on a former child prodigy conservative pundit turned hippie. Watch out for what you wish for. I am very liberal......but.....well it's too bad the country is so torn apart by ideology. But so it is everywhere I guess.
Another article on punk rock.....ha! I was discussing the Sex Pistols with a friend. He said they were poseurs.....well, who knows? I was never a fan, really.....but I passed the Chelsea Hotel today and remembered, yeah flashback.......back when we were about 20 a friend of mine, this girl Alex, and her boyfriend and other friend and I hung out there. I can be an asshole sometimes. I wasn't very nice to this boy who made a pass at me. I snapped at this guy who got in my face today.....I know what they say about harassment and all but men are so relentless. I don't want to be mean, you know. I guess if you step over someone's personal boundaries and surprise them in ways they aren't ready for it's a knee jerking thing.......anyway I am digressing so back....in another life.....I was at Pace University and miserable needing to get away so my friends and I stayed in a room she rented at the Chelsea. She was obsessed with the Sex Pistols and the whole Nancy Spungen story. I always admired the Clash who were kind of sprung into being in the same scene. My friend nearly died drinking in the room we were in......but was saved at the 11th hour by her boyfriend and she is alive and well now and moved on. Oh yes...when I was thirteen I wrote a letter to the White House. Stamped delivered the whole bit....on farm animal cruelty. A month later I got a letter back by the Department of Agriculture....we had been encouraged to write the White House because they do write back. Pretty cool, huh?

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