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Sunday, April 21, 2013

political jihad at the expense of......

http://m.guardiannews.com/film/2013/apr/15/oliver-stone-america-went-wrong innocent people.....at the end of the day bodies pile up and who wins? I was reading the news on the bombing and hey I am all for justice. But a dead body is a dead body and someone else loses their life or loved one. Really I would say this is a continuation of the Moslem/Christian war ongoing......did it ever end? though not a lot will say it. America may be the land of religious freedom but it is still a Christian-dominated country. When have we ever had a non-Christian president? The Satanic conspiracy.....bogus. Have we ever had a Jewish, Moslem, Bhuddist, Wiccan president? Uh, no.....never. Perhaps......just running through my mind. Sad that in a power struggle between religious and political leaders civilians die for it. Sigh. The news is grim indeed.

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