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Monday, August 03, 2015

Drawing St. Anthony

On the train to Rockaway the other night, crowded as fuck, amazing on a Saturday night more people are going from Manhattan to Brooklyn, than vice versa. Bridge and Tunnel takes on a new meaning! ha......anyway, a man was wearing an "I can't breathe!" T shirt. I had been listening to the Clash song "Murder is a crime/unless it was done/by a policeman/or an aristocrat" .....I had downloaded that song and was listening to it; that and a song by Public Enemy "Letter to the NY Post" over and over again the day of this incident. I was standing in line at the post office with my mom to apply for a passport. John Kennedy and JFK Jr and Princess Diana were all (the last two likely anyway) killed, and came from a blue-bloodline. Ugh.....I haven't really followed this incident but can't ignore it; knowing (I smoke from time to time, yeah, not healthy, but also shitty as fuck for the state to tax cigarettes so high and make these stupid laws busting deli owners for selling out of state cigarettes thus leading to the new "black market" Eric Garner was part of. All it is is some poor sucker needing a cigarette not wanting to pay $14 and someone making money on the books or not this is NYC and I found out that there is plenty of......well this system I mean this is my opinion is just stupid.
People are horrible and I have been around them. On either side of the equation they we are all human but it's just the same petty meanness. A guy selling 75 cent cigarettes is put in a chokehold when the American people have been robbed and our economy is in the toilet and people can't afford cigarettes or subway fare or food or rent not to mention our privacy invaded and make no mistake this was all ILLEGAL. To their credit the cops helped me when I was attacked and saved me and I'm thankful for that and having seen cops walk past me and a young rookie kid cross him self.....another interview with a young kid officer who started crying...... no I don't think they deserve or that anyone really deserves to get shot at least 98 % don't.....I mean I feel for that. The problem is......sigh.  The bigger picture is the wrongness of human beings and lack of integrity and the men I've been involved with not all but a lot (yes some women too) horrible misconduct on their part I wasn't going to write about this but it's the way it is. They took advantage of me and the situation and their behavior can't be excused. Nor am I the only one they did this to. I don't know all the details I don't know what goes on, you know, when I'm not there because I am not there. I only know what I read. But invasion of privacy is a crime; spying on people in their homes without their knowledge given they are not criminals or terrorists but merely because you don't like them personally or .....what have you......is not backed up by any law. This has happened, does happen. I wish I didn't have to write about this.....it's a gruesome thing but like people have said something in me attracts attention and I don't try to.

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