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Friday, July 31, 2015

Jersey Shore and music videos

been a while ......ooh lordie dear where does the time go? I've been through a lot in the past few months heaven and hell with God's grace I survived. BUT now I just want to move on. Yes I am grateful and now take nothing for granted, how can I? I've seen the best and worst of humanity the worst, I am happy to say, are no longer part of my life. If nothing else, I'm a fighter. Not by choice. I was bullied in school and yes there are those who've had it worse, Heaven help them, but I've had, like I said, great people and terrible people both.....I read somewhere that people come into your life at times because you let them in. I can't deny to a degree I did. Sometimes your unconscious processes things much faster than your conscious mind and when you're vulnerable you're not thinking clearly. That's why sleep is important! It is.
I have been all over the place lately it seems and .....this is the first time I've been able to sit comfortably all day. 

My friend was very sweet to invite me to the Jersey Shore I have a ton of photos but uploading them will be slow......the place I was at is surely haunted at least so I've read and it does feel that way. It is quite beautiful though. Gorgeous (still have trouble spelling that!) Art Deco architecture and.....huge bathrooms. I preferred to use the one in the side hall cause the main one was kind of gross. Oh yes! Darlene Love was there filming her video and I got some footage.....honestly it was then and there I found out who she is (from the Crystals "Da Doo Ron Ron" ect) the car  she was in.....the first thing I said was, "This looks like Christine! It's Christine!" someone said it actually belongs to someone who drives it and I said, "But wait, the license plate says 'Love' .....is that real?" Then I went to Bushwick, BK la (I say that as I still haven't found a place) and there was a girl from Denmark who had stayed at another house owned by the same person, and she answered that they kicked her out because she didn't shower enough. I said, "Oh, I took a shower before coming here " they started laughing  .....people have said I take everything literally. She had been making a joke.....anyway Darlene Love and her band sounded amazing it really is totally different live......like I said I will post photos later it's going to take some time. 

I have actually written quite a bit on some darker subjects but not ready to post this yet......I will eventually.

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