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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lucas Chansler sentenced to prison for exploiting young women

Thankfully, Lucas Chansler "sextortionist" *  

 (Ugh!  I'm holding back from saying more......)

   was caught, convicted...... sentenced to 105 years; in Jacksonville, FL.This is federal prison. I really would like to see the court documents and trial transcripts.

  Another similar case is of a man pretending to be Justin Bieber  (yeah, you read right) and tricking naive girls into undressing on camera and...... it makes me sick to write this- later using the imagery to blackmail or frighten them into doing all kinds of sex stuff; this by now being not a thing they are consenting to or willing to do.....call it a form of rape, really. It IS rape. And these men know it; they are aware of what they are doing, but feel no remorse over it. They think it's ok because in their mind women and girls deserve it. Or that's what they want the case to be; maybe it's a form of revenge (but often not) toward women who rejected them but often that didn't happen and it's a......really a hate crime against women. I wish I didn't know about this kind of thing, or that it wasn't as common as it is. But I can't deny when I was this age I could have fallen for this BS, from someone, as high school kids are just that: kids. Their brains are not fully developed and not mature enough to make decisions, that also being consent to sex. At that age, you are susceptible and want to believe what people (men) tell you......I was in high school before internet but that is merely the latest tool for an age old dirty scheme......a guy once told me he could count on one hand how many girls he's known have NOT  been prey to a dude like Lucas Chansler. Now he has a teenage daughter.....sad but serious.....I am grateful for the advice, education and warnings I got, this from various men and women, young and old, fellow students, along the way, at that time and later; they were a life saver.

 Ignorance is bliss, for a short while, til you suddenly can't afford to be anymore. When you find out, it's too late. So don't trust anyone and educate yourselves! It can hurt to find out the truth about someone you believed in and let into your life. But better not to have them in it. Below is a link to an excellent article on sociopaths. I believe Lucas Chansler is one. One of their characteristics is a vacant stare.....like they are looking into a void. Another is lack of emotion or the ability to process empathy in their brains. Lack of fear or impulse control is often another factor. KNOW what these characteristics are as you are in serious danger if you let anyone like this into your life. I know of a case of a very famous one. This person used their position (which she did not earn or deserve, by the way) to steal, cheat, even kill probably. Many people were afraid to speak up because this person is rich and famous. If people around you are worshipping someone, they are probably brainwashed. Get away from them, don't let it happen to you. By writing about this I risk invoking this person's wrath.....which is very real.  But some things have to be said, regardless. Don't be swept up in their charm, as it's a facade; and an endless song and dance. They are full of drama and solipsism; everything is about them; and if fear doesn't work to draw you in they will switch to pity. It's not them who are wrong, it's the masses of people and an admixture of authority figures (the pope, the nuns at school, their parents, the Argentinian Prime Minister.....ect. ect. ) who have "misunderstood" them. You will be convinced but in the back of your head something is "off." I learned that that is the thing to listen to. Kind of like a "bullshit detector." Because that's what it is. It's a lie: they were not misunderstood; these people were simply unfooled. But for that reason, hated by her. 

 Heed the warning signs, and KNOW what you are dealing with!


*Apologies: as I had previously published this in draft form very rough, from my phone.   
I am a little confused myself as I found two articles on this dated several months apart one


.....but anyway

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