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Friday, July 24, 2015

We've met the enemy, and he'(she)s our friend"

Expression from the sixties.....Or so I'd read. The actual activists that is, from that time.....who did not.....just sit around and drop acid but were well aware of what was happening and.....well, organizers. Give them that

"Thou.shalt not lie" "thou shalt not kill" are in the Bible but .....they don't say "it's ok to tell a white lie but not a major one" "it's ok to kill someone who is a cunt but not anyone else" or "you can kill a fly or a bird but not a person" but don't lie, dont kill. Recently I was washing my face and it said "antibacterial" "kills germs" tonight if I followed this.could I not use this stuff because it kills what do I do is there something that will chase bacteria or germs away without killing them or  not wash my face or hope it just flies off? Recently someone tried to kill me. Or threatened to. Either he has always been this way (in that case good riddance) or something got to him. Brainwashing? All kidding aside, if you vote for a sociopath like Dick Cheney then you deserve it. It doesn't take much to see that he is. Sometimes I feel that but I know how good actors they are. And they are good. I looked in Dick (the name says it right there) Cheney's eyes and they are dead, emotionless. He is a sociopath, I feel it. He doesn't care, he doesn't feel. Same for that slimebucket "sextortionist" or, let's call it what it is, he is a rapist, Lucas Chansler.

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