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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Prom Night

my aunt took me to see this when she herself was a teenager and I was.....five? not sure.....severed head on the dance floor and all......this was in Michigan which is creepy enough at night. Her friends were driving us through a tunnel and she commented probably someone was murdered there.....my generation I guess we were exposed to, well, everything.....even without internet. One day at camp, summer camp, I was about seven, and these two boys, junior high-aged.....approached me while I was waiting for my ride home. They asked me if I wanted to go "fuck" --I'd heard that term knew it was obscene and a "bad word" but.....? the meaning.....I won't go into what else they said. Pretty terrifying, actually.....at age eleven my friend Cherish and I were, at separate times, harassed by a Mexican (not a jab against Mexicans) El train ticket agent. He asked me, "Do you want to meet me for coffee when you're sixteen?" We were both afraid of "him" he has a pencil-thin mustache and I only.....I hope no one ever got in his grasp......well, you know, this is how it was.

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