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Saturday, May 30, 2015

carriage horses, columbus circle

Sorry to be MIA I've been working hard on a lot of stuff trying to move up and forward and......well get stuff done. It has taken all my physical, mental and emotional energy. 
I've been spending time at Columbus Circle a lot and around uptown and there's a great deal of controversy over carriage horses and their treatment be it horrific or well or whatnot depending who you talk to. I'd been getting newsletters from organizations trying to ban them saying the animals are abused and showing graphic, horribly depressing photographs of dead horses and all kinds of......it was pretty gut wrenching. However, I've talked to people who've told me otherwise like who have connections to the industry and they say it is not as bad as all that and the people who own the horses love them and that there are internal politics involved property disputes and such. I pass them (the horses) every day and have come to be familiar with them and I believe they know and remember me as well. I pet them. The drivers say hi to me. I don't .....I mean it costs money to maintain their upkeep and the money comes from people buying rides. What can I say? Put your two cents, or two hands in. Pet the horses. Feed them apples. They are very social creatures and love attention and companionship. Talk to them. Buy a ride which will pay for their food, veterinary bills, housing.....for me that's the best I can think of. Maybe in other ways (not always) I'm not as confrontational as I once was or at least not if......I don't know. I love animals. All of them. Be careful feeding them watch your fingers or feed them off a plate or something. Ask permission. 

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