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Thursday, May 07, 2015


Sleep and Monster (2) and......well, sleep makes a difference. My family helped me. For which I am grateful. TY :-)) Two young women friends of mine just gave birth.....I'm sitting in a pricey but cute little enclave on west 57 just came back from Sunset Park, Bklyn AND the dead. I was so miserable before I was like please God (or whatever is there) just kill me..........but ......here I am......still alive. Thanks to help really......  It's been an exhausting and tumultuous couple months. Kind of like a boxing match. If I came out victorious it was not without getting bloodied and battered. BUT alas I am here and.....thankful if feeling scarred and wounded. I hurt my knee too and walking, which I did in place of running, was nonetheless hard work and painful with a dull persistent ache in my knee and huffing and puffing. I did however stop in barnes and nobles and found a copy.of The Bell Jar and began reading Sense and Sensibility. And watched I suppose Stanley Kubricks first film. It goes to show you I mean if you compare this with his later films this one was.....um.....pretty silly, botched and amateurish. It still was incredibly stylish. He did start out as a photographer. I can't get thus out of my mind he and Sylvia Plath were then running in the same circles in NYC both ultimately ended up in London anyway I suppose it's my own ADD or such I get fixated on things most people don't......

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