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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clara Barton .....this saved me.....

Due to a few stresses that are fairly minor but which caused a lot of problems for me today; feeling very tired and on the verge, or past it......I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was suddenly better. Where I'd been horrible before and thinking why don't I just kill myself; I can't deal. So that I woke up suddenly infused with energy and, well, fairly normal.....pretty much a miracle. I went to the library, searching randomly, found a book on women in United States history; and found a chapter on Clara Barton. I'd heard her name but knew nothing of her history. When I read what she went through; lest you thought women simply sat around the house til the last century; she traveled around the world and through several wars tending soldiers and once worked, according to the story, five days straight with three hours' sleep. Not to mention what I read of soldiers lying out in the cold bleeding, in pain and without modern medicine or hospitals. She helped found the American chapter of the Red Cross which saved countless lives and much faster and more efficiently than before.

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