oh lovelies

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I was buying Easter candy for a guy.....someone I know of. I am in a gift shop of some kind I see birthday candles but go outside, and I am in the woods running. Then on a stage but it's dark and empty. Lightning. I am saying something but forgot what. I am running or something.....then go to my friend. I forget something, so return but this time in flip flops. I am on the same dark stage after visiting the store.....I run down the stairs which are uneven and rocky but a guy is in front of me. He says I have a girlfriend waiting for me I say I'm not after you sir I just need to get back too. I am trying to run in the same foresty area like a park, but in flip flops. It is dark and scary, lightning.....I am making a speech of some kind. I am looking for the same candy.....

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