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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post-Conviction Jodi Arias Interview 05-08-13 Pt.1

In a way.....being the person who posted this is a hater (his rich and genius vocabulary reminds me of someone (whisper: Ted) who used the same language toward me and to attack and slam me. It speaks for itself doesn't it? And the one saying it. Ironically in posting Jodi speaking in her own words it brings much to light.....she simply is not what she is made out to be in the media and though I may be risking my life and a lot of things to speak up for her I can't just sit back and watch someone be slammed in ways they don't deserve. The people who attack her .....the men anyway, either have an agenda toward her as she is pretty and probably would have rejected them so (again like Ted) they hate and have vendettas against attractive females a) and b) probably are the type to go home drunk and rape their wives and daughters. OK. My opinion. But realistically, who would spew out, day after day (not just men, women too) this venom that is beyond what one can imagine possible to someone they have never met?????? There are people who hate George Bush, Adolf Hitler.......but there is pretty solid documentation even if imperfect on the things they did.......but no matter, honestly, how can one hate a person they don't know? I mean really hate.  If you were personally hurt by Bush or Hitler or your family that would explain it, I understand. But if neither you nor anyone you know was personally affected or harmed by this person..... I could say, someone who harms animals is the worst kind of human being who deserves whatever they get. But.....I guess that could be looked at any number of ways. But the haters of Jodi I wonder where they .....even if you believe she planned and carried out this "commitment offense" does that validate that kind of hatred? Volumes and volumes of malice in ways I never thought were possible. Who the fuck are they to call another sociopathic and narcissistic anyone can read excerpts of David Hare and oh, jeez, sociopathic, narcissistic, no emotions, and slap those generalizations on anyone. I just can't stand meanness for its own sake and bullying. Trolls, fucktards, you know who you are. I know who some of you are, too. This is fucking America (now I'm getting mad) and you've had your space and this is mine and everyone, that is everyone, has a right to their diverging opinion. You can't mess with the Constitution it's ILLEGAL. Period. I will not be forced to shut up especially by someone with the IQ (OK, my opinion) of a grain of sand. Who is anybody, speaking of "mote in ones eye" and such, to say such a thing about someone they don't know and who hasn't DONE anything to them? How much do they really care for the victim and if they did their energy should go toward helping those who are their survivors, not formulating a vessel in your mind to channel all that is wrong and fucked up about the world and hope that by doing away with the serpent/Eve you're ridding the world of sin. This person dies, sin is still everywhere. .....kind of puts a gag in America's mouth as suddenly......speaking of Italy's government and courts as corrupt like in the Amanda Knox case but then we have our own failures of a system which is supposed to protect us here. What do we do when we are vulnerable to the attacks of mad men and women and those who are supposed to defend our rights, that no one tells us we have, either turn against us, turn away period......that we are vulnerable to being raped, killed.....what have you......and nothing will be done about it? Whoever did it is yet free in the world and an innocent person gets their life and freedom taken away? Well, it happens all the time. How is that supposed to bring any closure. Of course it doesn't.

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