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Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Witch hunt"

So anyone who ever visited a meditation bookstore or read their horoscope.in the local paper could be a witch. Or if you have never done any if the above no matter. Ironic.....Christianity has a long history of witchcraft, most of the accused witches had never associated with it, and, some one once said, the "real" witches walked between the raindrops because they knew how to protect themselves. Amanda Knox is not and never has been a witch and maybe the "femme fatale" is a myth that doesn't exist in reality actually a misogynist "woman as the source of all evil" superstition. I said before Ted was the devil with devil's eyes I think I should clarify..... because that.....makes me one to also .... ..this person Ted really DID cause me nearly unparalleled pain, loss and psychological trauma. He really DOES have bad intentions. He is .....someone who seeks out situations in which he has an edge over someone vulnerable is use them to his advantage and maliciously torment, abuse and degrade them because for that moment it gives him a sense of power. Need I state the obvious: that kind of behavior is vile, sick and cowardly and only the lowest of the low would do such a thing. That such individuals exist who would hurt an innocent being who has never done anything to them.....I'm not going to mince words I have nothing but contempt for someone like that. Make no mistake, Ted knew what he was doing. I will never forgive him.
Back to the Amanda haters and the same thing exists in other situations......it dumbfounds me to think this predatory and senseless mob mentality doesn't end and......the way something could appear on the surface.....that has ......it's not backed up by anything except  a fantasy, really. Amanda never did anything to any of these people. She could have been any number of other
Women. She was and is just a regular person. The random out of the blue bad luck of this is hard to wrap your brain around. A girl was brutally killed for no reason (speaking of sacrifice.....Iphegenia? This was a bloody, sadistic slaughter) another was naive and in the wrong place at the wrong time. She did a yoga stretch bought panties and pecked her.boyfriend on the lips but even if she'd behaved like a nun it didn't matter as it was already decided. The.......... What am I supposed to say? I want to at least give a person a chance to speak a chance. But all I personally see are jabs, insults, threats.....generic pop psych generalizations you could slap on anybody......... Having been a forex student myself.....it's not easy. You're an immigrant, a foreigner, one of "them" and "they" being smug, greedy thieves......a spoiled smug prick, basically. Natives aren't always friendly they assume that you, being a tourist, have a lot of money, anyway you have more than they do. They're going about their lives and you're on vacation. You're no longer ;you" as you know your life. You are now "they." Add to that feeling perpetually disoriented and really like a hunted dog, all the time. I had tried to read Charles Dickens and had grown up with "Oliver" relentlessly grim and depressing "you've got to pick a pocket or two" but of course thus was a quaint, archaic depiction of London right and it was safe now, right? Wrong! This was no myth. People in my group had witnessed violence in the streets and a stabbing as well .....ironically I had been attempting to read David Copperfield when my bag was taken and with it my money and keys (I got hell for that from security now I see why) which led to the fiasco in a phone calling center where I was nearly kidnapped my father on the phone long distance)  such things are pretty common place. I hadn't yet read the biography of John Lyndon "Johnny Rotten" and anyway, thus only happened in bad neighborhoods.

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