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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Just found an amazing site which parallels the Amanda Knox/Jodi Arias "witch hunt" trials......and Jodi Arias' name sounds similar to Jeanne D'Arc or Joan of Arc, another witch hunt trial. Maybe it's just human nature to scapegoat an "other" as was said many times about Nazi Germany......though those who are the speakers for the circus know how to get under people's skin, stir up adrenaline, play on someone's emotions. They did this, can you believe it? Throw in sex.....it would affect anyone, where emotions get in the way of rational or clear thinking. The same, again misogynistic: whore, witch, femme fatale (in Henry VI part one an amazing play la Pucelle or Jeanne is called a slut, a witch, her "lusty paramours" some such......that play nearly did me in. I am sorry for, I must say, I feel like I fucked up in that one too......I must have undergone fight or flight syndrome......I ended up doing both--but anyway, as I can't undo what's done but at least can now say this was before most people knew how to read and it's fascinating to see the history as there were no newspapers, no TV or internet in the Middle Ages; there were messengers who went from town to town to speak at a public place about what was going on and.....diverging somewhat.....Joan of Arc's family and she herself were thoroughly knowledgeable and briefed on everything that was happening with the war. Mlle. D'Arc though she couldn't read knew her stuff ......but no matter that she was a Catholic and didn't have sex she was still referred to as a slut......so honestly to someone ignorant of the reality of the situation a "witch" and "conjurer" has Darth Vader-like power over people's minds, men's minds.....total bullshit of course, but myth and superstition and fear put a person in a different place   http://www.churchinhistory.org/pages/intro-sum/saint-witch.htm).....that by body language and side glances and whatnot you can control another person. Or with sex. Right. Boy, that would be lovely, wouldn't it? I still can't grasp all this, though......here's the link:

so. anyway. I mean if someone disagrees with me, fine. If I am WRONG about everything and it's proven: fine. I don't fault anyone for having a different opinion. I do, however, oppose to a person slamming and insulting someone they DON'T KNOW and who has never done anything to them personally simply because they are associated with an event or ......they are divulging an ugly truth or even.....I mean killing the messenger? Or causing so much hurt to someone unnecessarily that doesn't deserve it. That they know nothing about. Oh yes, and I object to someone making genuine efforts to harm, or worse, in any number of ways, someone they don't know or anyone really because of either a projected slight or mirage or basically someone who has NEVER done anything to them; because not only is that immoral, period, it is illegal. But it's done, all the time. This is damn serious. A lot of people are in danger.....sad that it's such a wrestling match to stop this but such it is. Still, thanks to the internet more information is out there and people are able to speak out about and document what they went through for others to read. Comfort in knowing at least you're not an isolated example. Well behaved women may not make history but they are rewarded for it. I mean, there.......are many layers to this.....

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