oh lovelies

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Had some furiously intense ones in the past 48 hours there are those moments when  you just want to sleep and heaven knows I needed it. This am I dreamt I was in prison and the cop who put me there was demanding sexual favors, bringing me to a room with a swimming piol filled with gases "truth serum" I didn't want to go in.....but was forced to. I was slowly being asphyxiated maybe relevant to a conversation I had with someone about Hitler and surrounding controversial videos about him..... but hey I feel for anyone who is a victim of injustice. I have had my own experiences in a different way. A couple years ago this girl who was a Hunter student was killed by her boyfriend......horrific incident she was only around 20 years old. The neighbors heard screaming too but did anyone call 911? I have had to call the cops most recently on my ex roommate Ted, a madman who belongs in jail, he should have fun being someone's bitch since that's how he views women......and last week on an insane couple who were mistreating a child. One for law and order!

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