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Sunday, April 20, 2014


There has been some back and forth about the meaning of Easter.....ya de ya it used to be a pagan holiday .....all I can say is that I myself felt the dark and the light.....got my things from Spuytin Duyvil and boy did I fuck up on that one. A waste of time and I take responsibility for not making a more concerted effort. In these situations you hope and expect to leave quietly but if the other person won't let go or move on..... I have gone from feeling angry sick sad terrified relieved.....and like I failed though I ......did and didn't. And the wrong ness of it all. Because not everyone out there is a nice person. Some are downright scum who never should have been born. I do not envy those who brought them into the world. I have experienced some great people and some horrible people both.....but in the end I have too much to give to capitulate and they have nothing to give.....they are the kind who merely take and take til you have nothing left. Do NOT ignore your gut feeling about a person and don't listen to the chorus of folks who will tell you they're wonderful people because that isn't true. It simply isn't.
Every year I go through this the descent into hell and rebirth and I have. So yes for that.....

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