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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three reversed coins

Third-party interference? I have said three's a crowd I am not doing the kinky thing.....Late Pruncess Diana......I adore her......said "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded." I do know that feeling. Or maybe I AM third party interference. "Und der cherub steht vor Gott" Margaret Atwood's character Xenia.....whom I can empathize with.....I have never considered myself a siren or a temptress.....I am not. But what she goes through I can relate to. She was described by one reader as "Iago in a miniskirt." I kinda like that. Stealing one's partner....no one has that kind of power over another. I heard of a hoodoo spell where the girl takes a guy's semen and binds it with a cord to keep him faithful. Nine times that's three squared or 3x3. Three is a nasty number. But.....I remember what I went through with Brendan among others and that up and down torture......and then Justin there I said it. And.....oh there were others. Just promise me at least you won't get fat.....I banged my head against a wall for years and poured my heart......and for what? I don't want three ever again. I found three pennies all upside down three is off balance and a ......triangle? Amy Winehouse joked about not being molded into a triangle and much has been made of it.....whether or not there was a hidden meaning .....I grew up in Tribeca JFK Jr was with two women when.....once when I was a teenager I was with thus guy and his girlfriend walked in. She was screaming that she was going to kill me and I thought she was too.....I went into fight or flight I chose to be "big bad and mean" Charles Mansons advice......so she'd think I was crazy and dangerous and would leave me alone. She screamed at me to get out I was shaking so hard I almost convulsed....shaking hell by Sonic Youth?

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