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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keep repeating

But it keeps happening: Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people will believe it. This may be the biggest lie ever told. Ever. This one is monumental upon monolithic upon gargantuan .....bigger than the former world trade center sears tower mount Everest grand canyon and.....what else? Combined. It's its own planet.
Glad dir the truth which according to greek myth is always Slippery and elusive. Glass $lipper for Cindy! Tra la la waltz right in......freedom is terrifying. But beautiful. Those who fight the truth fight like one would never have dreamed possible.....but I am thankful for it. Emotions can be weapons and deadly. You can break a person down by breaking their heart harder and faster than a bullet. Those who would are the lowest and the worst of humanity. Humans are evil! It's in our DNA. But the truth came out and my self esteem is saved and restored. I had always thought I had failed. I was bad or wrong. But I am not. No one is. But the lie prevailed and I was damned over and over again. Truth comes out sets one free but truth can get you killed. One crusade?

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