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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stalker is J's ex and she is attacking me and interfering in my relationships

Her aggression and malice toward me is breathtaking ......due to the fact that she is obsessed with Justin who wanted to marry me. She directly viciously divided me and J and is.....due to her hateful, cruel nature.....out of sheer malice.....attempting to do the same in a current relationship. I have been very unfortunate to step into a situation she is in. People who attempt to backstab think I don't know.......if they had any courage thy would confront me and the others they harm directly. They are not powerful or smart or courageous. who is anybody to interfere in anybody's relationship or career? Not only is it against the law (look it up) well there are the Pretenders "they'll fall to ruin one day/for making us part"........psalm 37 "their sword shall enter their oen heart/their bows shall be broken" I don't want to write her name.....I to my....saw her name this morning saw it and a bad sign.....I nearly vomited. She is a horrible person and mt whole life I have had to deal with people like her. People who....entitled? Somehow feel they have a right to do this. They do not have a right. She also caused problems where I was living and where I performed. Who is anybody to do that? Hoe could anybody? But such people exist. Someone else hacked into my email and I cant go too much into details sent photos of me to family members. I don't think it was her but it was somebody......invasion of privacy? Yes. Also illegal. I am targeted and what you read in the mainstream news about the spying that does not begin to describe what is happening.

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