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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sorry I am

Jotting down these things as they come a little disjointed ......I don't claim to like everyone. Rather....it's not about like or dislike. Most people are just human, with good and bad (quote unquote) qualities. I would be lying if I said I don't get jealous catty angry but.....it's not right you know and.....there are those who go too far in attacking others writing.....taking extremely personal jabs at someone regardless that is not ok. I don't want to be that. Anyone can say anything it's washroom graffiti in cyberspace. Technology will improve but humans are humans.
But what I am talking about goes beyond a simple dislike of a person or I believe in "hate the sin love the sinner" not because I am religious I just mean in terms of behavior. I am sorry if I ever damaged anyone unnecessarily...
But others have done that multiplied practically infinitely. Jodi Arias is American but she wad not let off the hook as I have seen suggested about American women....are we really so spoiled, hysterical, irresponsible because feminism made us think we can do what we want? That is not true and perhaps Italians saw Amanda Knox that way. I have also studied abroad and for whatever reason I have never encountered so much anti Americanism......to the level of shrill piercing outrage.....and this from young people too......as I did studying on London. I haven't been everywhere but I have been a few places and this is what I experienced. I never saw anything like it in France, Egypt....Germany it's hard to fathom. These people thought all we did was watch TV and we lived like the characters on Dynasty. I can only laugh at this because there are always people who fit a stereotype but of course it's untrue most of the time. Or maybe I am the exception. I don't live that way. I doubt that's true either. "Dumb Americans" but AK was neither dumb nor spoiled JA either.

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