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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1970s teens

Two girls Brooklyn ca. 1974 by Danny Lyon  Bushwick in the then 1974 (amazing site and more on the photograper!)

 B and W photo Jill Freedman

 Blonde is Martha Moxley, murder victim 

 I love looking at ..... I hate to say "old" at one time they were "new" but ......photos from the past. And in general. Not slicked up airbrushed ones but those that show the real people and settings. That's what inspired me to take a bunch of pictures today......and the documentary on Jodi Arias I watched where she talks about photography. So true. I enjoy being behind the camera .....being in front has its moments but it's very jarring too.

 "I watch the ripples change their size 
But never leave the stream 
Of warm impermanence and 
So the days float through my eyes 
But still the days seem the same"

  Lyrics by David Bowie

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