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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ran for an hour. My god. It was dark at first.....nice and quiet but gross. This was by the river......west side, on the bike path. I kept thinking if all the awful stuff that has happened to mostly female runners at hours like this. But no one approached me. It was well lit, police cars drove by, there were late night revelers and couples and people walking their dogs. I am grateful to be in the city when it's somewhat safr but of course there is no guarantee. Things happen it has nothing to do with who you are just such the world. I was thinking about the murder of that poor girl Meredith Kercher in Italy how she liked quiet time to herself and mysteries.....yeah the irony is chilling. I....know obviously it is self serving to say this and of course when I say that could have been me it naturally could have been anyone in my situation like in Jersey City when I was alone in that house. It was a safe area but all it takes is one mf with bad intentions.....and many people there had that toward me it seemed. And likewise had I been in Amanda Knox's shoes probably the same would have happened to me. I could only imagine if they found my private writings. I know what it is to have inflammatory aspersions put on you. By female police officers.
I watched an episode of TZ last night guess I will watch the rest this am.....I am on W4th wolfed down an omelette with cottage cheese and shredded fries madly craving carbs I guess. I bought star magazine and will ....well needed for the train. Regular news didn't peak my interest.....

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