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Monday, August 04, 2014

Nightmares fear of ghosts and Monty Python

Lumber jack song: http://youtu.be/5zey8567bcg

My mom had told me a ghost story which subsequently had me too spooked to sleep at night.....so J Sr. ..... bizarre how things come around.....a Pisces, fish, Poisson, Jesus, feet.....a lot of Pisces (es?- what's the plural of Pisces? Pisces'.....? No that's possessive.....) anyway gave me a tape of Monty Python figuring it would cheer me up and help me overcome my fear of ghosts in the closet. The song they sang was this one, the Lumberjack Song. This was while I was a child in Chicago. Of course it made no sense to me (lumberjack in women's clothing?.....lavatory I'd never heard that word "laboratory?" "I go to the laboratory") It still doesn't. We took many weekend trips to Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts......the road does get boring J Sr. Esp fond of Garrison Keilor..... to visit family and friends.....there was some family tragedy at the time. It happens. I was too young to understand but I guess it seeped in unconsciously. This was a tape he gave me so I heard but did not see. Ghosts in the closet, "Mrs Scum" ("what is scum?").....this song.....this in the dark, at night. I think I was born to stay up at night. Apparently as a baby I drove my mother crazy with my inability to sleep at night.

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