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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Crazy night

It's NYC and all Friday night and unfortunately I have dealt with some people who must have been born in the sewers of this town recently. But there are others who are wonderful I've been close to both. I mean I saw so much craziness a couple fighting to where it got physical a guy pulling over asking me if I want to watch him jerk off I mean he told me I'm beautiful after someone else said I am ugly so.....where does that leave me? I asked this guy why would I want to see that? I mean a part of me felt bad for him and knew I was going to be the 200th girl to turn him down..... There is more the situation I talked about I mean it is so.....it doesn't make any sense. I haven't eaten enough have been wired tight from the stress of the past week I look feel haggard. ....I ran through the park felt like I was .....it was hellish I saw myself in the mirror emaciated sweating everywhere and gorgeous but a stranger was looking back at me. Was told something about an initiation (into what?) a marriage (what?) Makes no sense. 

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