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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lovely August Day

Ran half hour not finished.....hunger so intense feels like my head slammed with a rock.....was so tense one o' those......shoulders and neck stiff. Short tempers. I saw a sign by the east river in French it read "flying boat" je pense bataeu volee with an accent.....I remember thinking that makes no sense. But as it is they really do do both. I just watched one land. All this time I still haven't been to the beach.....I was in horrible pain running my ass hurts literally I think from these exercises I did. Dancing again.....that means training. On the up side I have a hot derriere. I try to think that way.....but with every pounce it felt like someone was kicking me back there.....just raw. I was grunting and finally crying practically then screaming. That is my muscles loosened I .....was very stiff. I watched a clip from Kill Bill I love the western scenes in it and the cowboy and Mexican stuff. There were times I felt myself a victim but now I see myself as a soldier.....soldieress? But such are the hazards.......

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