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Friday, August 22, 2014

Horrifying nightmare

Im sorry to say this its great someone painted a mural to the late Robin Williams but it kind of freaked me out when I passed it. Clowns in general terrify me.....it says "keep on smiling"'though he's not smiling. I saw this in a storm.....After watching some disturbing videos on youtube and the Amanda Knox film (more freak stuff there) I fell asleep the fan sounded like it was oscillating in a weird way vaaaaRHOOm now it stopped plus muffled bass on a blasting car radio outside (witnessed the same thing in Miami I read somewhere they transport the dead or their souls what have you) a vision.....oh terrifying.....Robin Williams' face with clown makeup and a pig's nose I mean no disrespect in writing this.....just staring blankly. I was reading about these fucked up .....ugh.....wearing pig and goat masks I guess that's what triggered it .....

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