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Sunday, June 01, 2014

L and O

AMAZING EPISODE  of Law and Order CI

Luv me some Vincent D'Onofrio
…….Someone had complained about Hollywood stereotypes but I know that Central Casting was invented simply because it's true in film and TV people are cast according to type: jolly fat friend, buxom dumb blonde, high school football player, black gangster, Jewish lawyer ect I mean I'm not saying it's right but given that casting and filmmaking are expensive and short on time they don't try to decipher every actor's range and complexity there just; it would be more or less impossible so people are divided according to their head shots age range body/eye/height/weight/personality leading lady vs. character actor vs….whatever. . But…..shrug. I've sent out many head shots and been to many auditions it never really occurred to me I was always cast as the kooky red-haired side kick; once I…..and I think to myself I actually agreed to do this: was cast as a monkey, literally. I was in fairly good shape so I and a guy put on monkey noses and brown leotards and tights and jumped around in the Hunter College lounge, and made squeaking monkey noises. My boyfriend at the time wanted to come see this and I told him not to; please don't. Too bad they weren't making 2001:The Dawn of Man at the time I could have had a SAG/waiver role; if that counts as dialogue. I'm not saying stereotyping is inevitable: many films and shows have made efforts to go against that but it still goes on…….
I read that D'Onofrio after Full Metal Jacket had trouble getting cast as anything but the "fat guy" until he got in shape eventually ended up here. 
He's incredibly charismatic and……this show rocks period…..this episode in particular well I guess one that stands out.  Having been to a few funerals: I guess in my mind I wonder who does the work with corpses either as a medical examiner (I had thought of doing that) or mortician which I know I'd fuck up wouldn't even consider. On the show they talked about stuffing cotton in the person's butt and other stuff……oh God……On this show someone had protested that that goes against "God" I suppose blame the Egyptians didn't they invent embalming? So on this show they visit a crematorium I suppose that sparks a curiosity since my father was cremated. The ashes, or so-called, of one person are examined and it turns out they are mostly sawdust and not human. Oh yes, "repositioning" I mean I have to be curious about who does this. I read an essay by a girl who'd been a student of a professor I know that was fascinating about how she was studying to be a mortician in my mind I never thought of it much just Morticia Adams. I know, kind of dumb but that's what I think…….
I have dreams about a cemetery, really nightmares……that I used to visit with my best friend when I was around age 9 or 10.

Aeysha was a Scorpio and this one was right next door to the building we both lived in.  This cemetery was particularly just……I don't want to say "evil" but the vibe simply wasn't good. Maybe there was a ghost of a killer or someone who died a terrible death or……and I love cemeteries. This one is by Lake Michigan in Evanston near the Chicago border, Howard. The people who worked at this graveyard used to chase us and we had reason to be scared of them as we would always end up running out of there. Aeysha snuck into this place one Halloween with friends of hers though I wasn't there for that. Her sister once threw an amazing, amazing Halloween bash once I remember. I suppose this episode made me think of this plus: the times that family members passed on I was maybe fortunately for me not left with handling the details "Death is expensive, Miss Stella!" With my situation it'd be impossible maybe. Just found this!!!!! Cavalry Cemetery never even knew this was the name. If Seaweed Charlie ever came out of the lake I never saw him though I dream about it all the time to this day (Michigan) the rising of the tides and the waves would get pretty steep though compared to the ones in Hawaii they are probably pretty limp. The boy grave is particularly disturbing.

 But whatever. I never saw the ocean til I was eight, that or palm trees……when my aunt was kind enough to take me on a family trip to Fort Lauderdale.

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