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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jesus was a "bitch"?

yes lets face it all religions derived from others but
forgive me I am writing sloppily I am worn out and not really inspired but nonetheless it has to be said somehow. this due to some things in my personal life I was reading about revelations and the number seven is prominent in my life (July 25) but it lead me to the story of Inanna which I read many years ago but forgot. anyway the story is she descended to the underworld (seven of them as well as seven heavens) and this time with her husband managed to fight her way out......I was born on Sunday Sabbath Day too.......my mom had a canvas embroidery of that poem on her wall.....watching the news lordie another school shooting! I don't know if these stories are real or not I wasn't there, as per last post.......merely reporting on what I see.....anyhow yes I know well the story of Persephone which is also highly similar to the Jesus resurrection.....many if not all.cultures have one similar or nearly the same I just don't know them all. in my personal experience..... this is heavy. I don't know if I can go into this.....

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