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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elliot Roger

This morning I watched his "Manifesto" video. At least as much as I could before honestly getting a little bored as he seemed to be repeating himself. I have to say it doesn't make sense. He is pissed off over being rejected and given it could be a high school situation that I am thankful I never went through. I was bullied in elementary and junior high and the truth is when you're under attack that trauma you went through never leaves you. I will always be thankful for whatever it is that kept me going, kept me alive. I recently had something revealed to me that I am always grateful for. As bad as things felt and seemed at times it felt like the end but after all it wasn't. There's so much I'd have missed if I had ended it there. But that doesn't seem to be the situation here no one was attacking this guy and he had a million options therapy and medication among them, truthfully he could have paid for sex this is southern California. I have known men far less attractive than him who had girlfriends and sex in their lives thes mens personalities worse than their looks. Elliot Roger's birthday is July 24 one day before mine. There are legions of youtube videos saying this was staged and fake so if this guy is an actor where is he now? His features are very distinguishable do they have plastic surgery? What would be the point of faking your life and identity then disappearing from public view? I've heard of people faking death for the same reasons.......to escape fame anything is possible. but not being there physically how can I tell?

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