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Monday, June 30, 2014


Completely obsessed with these videos.......Malcolm X, whose autobiography I read and it's amazing, said who controls the media controls the masses and makes the innocent guilty and guilty innocent.....(Jodi Arias, Amanda Knox) but what about before there was media? Back in the days of Joan of Arc or the witch trials of Salem there were no newspapers or TV but there was the ability to stir up mass hysteria to the point where someone was believed to be a witch when they were not and the real witches ......didn't even walk between the floorboards they were out in the open about it but were never put on trial. Partly I suppose because they had brains and perhaps people really feared them. Just speculating..... or even Jesus had a crowd following jim to his execution. I could go on and on with examples of this but this kind of naming and shaming is particularly acute with women. Find yourself in the wrong situation any remote sexual thing you ever did is magnified countless times. Anything as anything. Amanda Knox was carted away in what looked like a cage speaking of medieval.....always have a hard time spelling that. 


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