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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twists and fall deep deep deeper

Life only gets bizarre more twisted and nonsensical the more you try to make sense of it. Dig through the maze you only go deeper into it. Though believe me I am not the first to say this. Ok I am going to cite yet again dammit just cant help I am starting to feel like a wierdo in JFK there is the line "we're through the looking glass/black is white/white is black".......The film Network Paddy Chayefsky and TV (typhoon!) opened up the golden gates to the world the let in the floods of punk rock. Though it makes sense. How else would the world know about Tania, Patty Hearst, tricky dick ect than via the media? I was not exposed to a lot of TV as a kid I ("never mind the stars and stripes lets burn the Watergate tapes/I'll salute the New Age/ and hope nobody escapes"--the Clash) and.....("hail the New Age/it's a rat cage/join the place for breeding dumb species" Kim/Marty/Ricky.....Wilde) I am not sorry I missed out on a lot of the idiocy though.....I was a punk rock teen and there was no internet people were just out.....congregating in the same place......everything was word of mouth. There was no downloading but there were bootlegged copies of everything.....no omg well there was of kinds. There was revolution Yuppicide and sex.....with the fear of catching HIV and dying (kind of a mood kill pardon the pun).....and the rumor mill. After all......we were human. But. The ones the world despised and yet a money maker for those same people. Talk about rape! This was worse.....the medium is the message the bigger the lie and all that....."they" knew what they were doing.

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