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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So.....sixth ave

Sitting in Waverly Diner with the best omelettes in NYC (was listening to the Emmaline Pankhurst speech you can't male an omelette without breaking an egg......and many were broken).

..there's the way it should be and the way it is.....that was said in the film Platoon. I used to watch that film constantly even though.....I was eighteen.....I did not identify as a soldier. But I didn't fully understand. It's not always a choice. Digress......so sitting here on 6th Ave my bill $13 (a recurring theme in my life) I am looking through the kaleidoscope into back then. The bookstore is boarded up.....proud to say ha! The new residents here are super rich and super illiterate (um, dare I say it? The kardashians. Disgraceful. Sorry, but that's my opinion of them. This is LA culture? Heavens help I hope not. LA, stop embarrassing yourself, please. You gave us Marilyn Monroe...... Homeless people in cardboard boxes here. Some of them undercover cops. So it was told. But sixth Ave I am pleased to say has not changed much otherwise. Just funky and......a mass of insanity and endless stampede of partyers flaunting rainbows and pipes all kinds.....

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