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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cosmo q and a part deux

Who is your secret celebrity crush? I don't get crushes only obsessions....of the love-me-or-I-am-going-to-commit-suicide variety.....I would threaten guys with that as a teenager. But,you know,glad I didn't cause they weren't worth it. I moved on. But the French fries were good. With ketchup.

I will elaborate. When.....I have to tell the whole story.....when I was fifteen I hung around a group called Gay and Lesbian Youth of NY.l myself am not gay, but a part of me has always identified more with the world's disenfranchised. This guy named Michele used to hang around GLYNY too. He, like me, was straight. He was a sleazy douche.....hitting on women and girls.....me one day he decided to make his next target. He took me out and bought me food....french fries......then .....was all over me.....then because of my age he backed off.....but I then saw it as abandonment and because of my past I couldn't handle that.....it was my biggest fear. Too many guys knew that about me and used that to control me,or try to. They maybe didn't realize it or admit it but it makes sense. By humiliating me they became more powerful.

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