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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cosmo q and a part trois

Sounds like "twat" Freudian? I did them some stuff I am not proud of. Here I was an amazing girl having moved here with mom from Chicago our own little diaspora? Is it a factor of distance? Perhaps not. Chicago to NYC is not a long way. But typically in my family things that are not a huge deal are treated as grand tragic opera. It was played to the hilt......therapists helped in some ways but in other ways created suffering where there was not any. My life was disrupted, they said. To take me out of Chicago was destroying my life and scarring me forever. Sorry. There is more to this. This software is messed up. My happy home life childhood and, subsequently I were being split and divided. Perhaps. But so it is. We were on the threshold of a new era. I have never been or identified as a child. I don't like kids never did, was bullied in elementary school.....and spent a lot of time with people older than me. Though I did have girlfriends my own age, too. I loved the smurfs, ect. And Dallas.

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