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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Foxy Knoxy News

I am now an impromptu photojournalist. This was down on Essex St at Rev Men's bday bash. Noticeably absent Justin and Chris. Would have been nice cause I loved hanging with J and I still miss him......plus I could have crashed at his place. I have Horrors Management Long Island White Trash Slumlord to thank for the fact that instead I have to get back on the F to the A up to Inwood .....but AT LEAST I don't have to go to jersey city.
Wow. I at first wrote crashed on his couch. Proof.....that it's over. As these things do. Anyway. It still would have been nice to see him. However, all were not absent. It was so nice to see the same crowd from Bo Po: Gerber, Jen, John K.....I think Microphone. Now I am sitting in a divey steak place eating nachos for dinner and.....I passed the Slipper Room God how I miss dancing and ....though I did at St. Marks last night. SR I have neglected though soon soon.......) I am now a journalist see ....(name redacted) your words that I can't do it didn't deter me. With respect you also said cats are ruthless killers. Sorry but that was debunked by animal rights activists.
My new set is GENIUS. I have been thinking of Edinburgh and met some lovely girls from OZ I think they're called Box last night who will be there. I wish Blaise St Mary would come back but he's in California.....
Anyhow.....here is my clip of the anti slam: about to get on the train and read Amanda Knox's Waiting to be Heard get it folks it's great)

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