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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jodi Arias

Mornings after doing my routine I have breakfast or  coffee and watch stuff like this on youtube. Pretty fascinating though I don't know what she was thinking. If you stab someone, let alone 30 something times, you are likely to go to jail even if it's self defense. This guy sounded like a.....I edited this I dont know him of course..... it's obviously not ok to stab someone whether or not it was that he was attacking her or she was mad that he had another girlfriend...... . He apparently.....just now this is sinking in.....told her that for religious reasons.....that he couldn't have sex with her (vaginally that is) until they were married but if they did it anally or orally it wasn't sex' or not sinning or something...... and it was ok.  She said anal sex hurt but why did she go along with it to begin with? A person is really going to believe that nonsense? But I feel a real empathy with her and the death penalty is gruesome and horrible I agree .....it is painful to watch. But if like Jodi said the murder was not premeditated and she stabbed
him after being attacked......people have done worse things and not gone to jail. I read stories in her case and also in the Amanda Knox story and for that matter the Manson murders of witness tampering, information withheld.....threats.....horrifying if true. Power corrupts?

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